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What is the DuckDuck Collective?

We're 3 guys who love creating visual content.

What sort of content do you create?

We make tv commercials, web videos, photos, 3D GIFs, cinemagraphs, Vines, Instagrams and other types of content to help brands connect with their base.  We're unique because we travel light, usually just the 3 of us (although we can manage a larger crew and set if the project calls for it), so we're nimble and keep costs down.  We get a lot of repeat business from ad agencies once they discover that we can help them create great content for their brand.  We are a "secret weapon" for many creative directors.

We've made GIFs for Sharpie that garnered tens of thousands of "retumbles" on their Tumblr.  We've made a TV commercial for Microsoft Bing that aired nationally during the Oscars and all over Hulu.  We've made a documentary film for Levi's legendary "Go Forth" campaign that was featured everywhere from the front page of MySpace (back when it was cool) to the NYT (who have always been cool).  We've shot things for billboards in Times Square, for Facebook pages, for those annoying taxi cab TVs, for cell phones and even for being projected onto buildings from a moving vehicle.  Are you an ad agency getting ready to pitch a new client?  We can help you make content for the pitch that will land you the gig.  Do you need fresh content for your facebook page?  We can do that.  Do you need a photo for a billboard or an ad?  Do you need a video lookbook?  A mini-doc?  A TV commercial?  We can help.  We just love making things.


Let us know how we can help you.  (Especially if the job is in Europe.  And if you need any work done in Iceland we'll do the job for free if you cover travel costs.  Seriously.  Just let us know.)

E-mail: quack [@] duckduckcollective.com

Phone: 607.329.3952


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